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My Road Trip from Dallas to Miami. All the Whole Foods Stores I Discovered along the Way

What is the
importance of
gourmet food?

Gourmet Food is more than just fuel for our bodies - it represents how we experience life. Someone who doesn't put value on what they eat likely doesn't place value on the other aspects of their life. Understanding the importance of food can lead to a richer, more fulfilling experience in both the culinary and existential sense.

Whole Foods Market, Miami

On a road trip from Dallas to Miami, I set out to uncover the best gourmet food along the way. My go-to stop was Whole Foods stores, and let me tell you – I'm a total fan. From fresh produce and organic cosmetics to personal care, they have it all.

Pacha Bulk Soap

Did you know that the first Whole Foods started in Austin, Texas in 1980? With so many retail locations throughout Texas, not every store is created equal. While the Irving location was a true letdown with empty food trays day after day, the Whole Foods near Dallas University and in Houston were a different story. Walking into these stores was like stepping into a European grocery store – pure heaven for any foodie.

Whole Foods Market Storefront

Looking for a new food brand to explore? Check out Mitica! They have an extensive variety of Spanish foods, from Candid Orange to delicious chocolate creations.

Mitica Candid Orange at Whole Foods Market

Personally, I can't get enough of their Pesetas Chocolate Date Almond Discs.

Pesetas Chocolate Date Almond Discs

If you're a Kombucha lover like me, you might want to try out Kosmic Kombucha's Texas Blues flavor- it's scrumptious! Though my favourite Wild Tonic Kombucha wasn't available, I'm glad I found this new gem.

Kosmic Kombucha's Texas Blues

While exploring my local Whole Foods, I was surprised by some of the signs at the food bar. "European" seemed to include roasted carrots and potatoes- not quite what I expected! Next time, I'm hoping to see some classic dishes like potato pancakes (draniki) or buckwheat on the menu.

European Dishes at Whole Foods Market

As soon as we crossed the state border into Florida, our senses were awakened by all the delightful and eccentric offerings.

Tropical Fruit Soursop

The Miami region was particularly abundant in exotic fruits and desserts, with Key Lime Pie standing out as a true Floridian specialty.

Key Lime Pie

We soon learned how seriously Florida takes its Key Lime Pie, with festive competitions celebrating the best of the best. And let me tell you, after tasting one of those award-winning pies, I was immediately hooked.

Mini Key Lime Pie

Indulging in a variety of chocolate is a treat in itself, but stumbling upon an entire stand dedicated to locally-made chocolate in Whole Foods is a true game-changer.

Stand with Locally Made Chocolate in Whole Foods

During a recent trip to Florida, I was blown away by the size and diversity of the chocolate section compared to what I typically find in California.


Upon closer inspection, I discovered small chocolate shops with unique offerings right in the store. However, it was Norman Love Confections and Colts Chocolates that really left me in awe.

Colts Chocolates at Whole Foods, Miami

Their vast stand in Naples Whole Foods, filled with delectable treats in every shape and flavor imaginable, had me immediately scouring their website for more information. And the best part? They ship nationwide! I signed up for their newsletter and saved 10%, feeling like I had just unlocked a new level of chocolate paradise. Suffice it to say, Norman Love Confections is now my go-to for satisfying all my chocolate cravings.

Norman Love Confections Love Origins Premium Eating Chocolate Squares

My taste buds were still tingling with excitement from the last time I tried Gelatys ice cream at a California shopping center.

Gelatys Ice Cream at a California Mall

Imagine my delight when I discovered their stands in every Whole Foods in Florida! With so many choices and shapes to choose from (paws or cats, anyone?), I didn't know where to start.

Gelatys Ice Cream in Whole Foods, Florida

And let me tell you, the taste is like a burst of fresh flavor in your mouth. It's the perfect treat to brighten up any day.

Gelatys Gelato Pop, Handmade, Chocotella Paw