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Ingredient Glossary
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Tahini (sesame seed butter) A creamy paste made from hulled (roasted or unroasted) ground sesame seeds. This high protein food is a popular ingredient in Middle Eastern cooking imparting its flavor to Hummus Halvah and Baba Ghanoush. Contrary to popular belief it is not a good source of calcium as most of this mineral is bound up with oxalic acid in the hull.
Tamari Originally it referred to a liquid byproduct of miso making. Today known as wheat free soy sauce tamari is made by fermenting soybeans and salt for at least one year. The resulting liquid has a rich sweet and salty flavor central to Asian cuisine. Due to its robust character tamari is useful in giving vegetarian dishes a meaty flavor.
Tarragon This aromatic herb has an aniselike flavor which complements fish poultry and vegetable dishes. Used extensively in French cuisine tarragon is the predominant flavor in Bearnaise Sauce and is an ingredient in the classic herb blend Fines Herbes. It is available both fresh and dried.
Teff This tiny brown grain has been a staple in Ethiopia for centuries. Traditionally it is used as a flour rather than a whole grain although its sweet nutty flavor can be enjoyed whole as a side dish. Teff is rich in minerals and protein. Recent interest in obscure grains has created a market for teff in the U.S. and it is currently grown in Idaho.
Tempeh A fermented soybean cake popular in Asia and among health conscious Americans. Boasting a yeasty robust flavor Tempeh is an acquired taste for many people. Its meaty texture works well in burgers stews and as cutlets and kebobs. Tempeh is high in protein B vitamins and enzymes which facilitate digestion.
Thai Fish Sauce (nam pla) This pungent and salty brown sauce is the liquid derived from salted fermented fish. It is sometimes mixed with sugar chiles or lime juice. Thai fish sauce is served as a condiment or used as a flavoring agent.
Thai Red Curry Paste (nam phrik kaeng daeng) A flavoring agent consisting of blended red chiles garlic shallots galangal (similar to ginger) lemon grass kaffir lime rind shrimp paste salt and a variety of spices such as: coriander root and seed peppercorns cloves cardamom nutmeg mace and cumin seed.
Thyme This Mediterranean member of the mint family comes in many varieties. Popular in French Cuisine it is used to season a variety of dishes and is a component of the classic herb blend Bouquet Garni. Thyme has many medicinal properties as well it is an antiseptic helpful in the treatment of coughs congestion and indigestion.
Tilapia A small lean fish with sweet tasting white flesh. Farmed throughout the world wild Tilapia are an important food in Africa. This fish may be baked broiled grilled steamed or sauteed.
Tofu (soybean curd) Tofu is made from soymilk curdled with a coagulant, usually nigari (magnesium chloride) or gypsum (calcium sulfate). Similar to bland, firm, custard, tofu takes on the flavor of any seasonings. It is high in protein and (if made with calcium sulfate) calcium, and contains vitamins B complex, vitamin E and phytoestrogens (which may ease menopausal symptoms and may have a protective effect against prostate and reproductive cancers).
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