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Ingredient Glossary
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Kale This cruciferous leafy green is a relative of the cabbage family. Known for its nutritional density kale is rich in calcium fiber vitamins A C and folic acid. Less succulent than chard or spinach it combines well with mushrooms onions red peppers and other high moisture vegetables.
Kamut Is an ancient Egyptian word for wheat. A relative of modern wheat it is prized by many for its buttery flavor which is due to its high fat content compared to other grains. Kamut is also very high in protein magnesium and zinc. Many people who suffer from allergies to wheat are able to consume Kamut without any problem.
Kohlrabi This cruciferous vegetable is often referred to as “cabbage turnip” but has a much sweeter flavor with a more succulent crisp texture. It consists of a pale green bulbous stem with darker green leaves both of which are edible. High in vitamin C fiber and potassium kohlrabi may be steamed braised or parboiled and sauteed.
Kombu A type of dark green sea vegetable sold in the West dried and cut into strips. Purported health benefits include the ability to: Soften or reduce growths such as tumors prevent high blood pressure treat goiter (due to its high iodine content) stimulate the lymphatic system regulate metabolism and proper body weight and increase the digestibility of beans. Use in stocks soups and other liquids as a flavoring agent and to enhance nutritional content.
Kuzu (kudzu) This pricey Japanese import is the dried starchy root of the kudzu plant. It is used as a thickening agent for sauces and soups in the same manner as cornstarch. It has been used medicinally to treat colds fevers digestive disorders hangovers and alcoholism.
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