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Your Health Profiles & Wellness Calculators
Body Mass Index
Calculate your weight in relation to your height.
Total Health Grade
Determine your grade in overall health, fitness, nutrition, stress/coping, safety, heart health and cancer resistance.
Calorie Burner Counter
Find out how many calories you burn doing specific activities.
H.E.A.R.T. Profile
Determine if you are living in your heart or your head and how your nervous system affects your hearts health.
Target Heart Rate Calculator
Calculate the range of target heart rates that may be best for you.
Pain and Limitations Assessment
Investigate the causes and preventions of musculoskeletal problems and manage chronic pain.
Ideal Body Weight Calculator
Calculate a range of body weight that may be best for you.
Movement Awareness Profile
Learn how to function better with more energy and less pain (based on the Feldenkrais method).
Nutritional Needs Calculator
Find out the number of calories you should consume to fulfill your health goals.
Ayurvedic Profile
Determine your Auyrvedic constitutional type and how to keep in proper balance.
Waist to Hip Ratio
Determine if your waist to hip ratio is healthy for your heart.
Chinese Elemental Profile
Determine your elemental type according to traditional Chinese medicine.
Enneagram Profile
Recognize your primary personality for your dark and light sides.
Tibetan Medicine Profile
Learn how to keep in balance with appropriate behaviors, diet and medicinal herbs.

Treatment Options
  Cross-Reference Guide
Conditions by Organ and Body System
Conditions by Signs and Symptoms
Herbs and Supplements by Uses
Interactions by Drug
Interactions by Herb or Supplement
Depletions by Drug

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