Minimum Browsing Requirements - Troubleshooter

We have detected that your browser or browser setup has failed one or more of our site browsing requirement checks. This screen is designed to help get you up and running, surfing our site as quickly as possible.

Please carefully check the 'Minimum Requirements' table below to see what action needs to be taken. Each problem is carefully explained along with links to help fix the problem or text to outline the solution.

Browser Information
Version 1
Operating System Windows_NT
AOL Used
Frames Capable
SSL Enabled
Javascript 0 2
Browser IP Address
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Minimum Requirements
Problem Solution Useful Link/Screen Shot
1. You are using an old version of your Web Browser. We only support version 4 or above of most common web browsers.
Please upgrade your version of the browser that you are using so that you can browse and enjoy the full features of our web site.

We recommend using version 5 or higher of Microsoft Internet Explorer but you can also use version 4 or later of Netscape or AOL or Internet Explorer.

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2. You browser either does not support Javascript at all or has its Javascript capabilities disabled. Javascript support is essential for browsing our site.
To ensure that your browser supports Javascript:

Please upgrade to a newer version of your browser as recommended above. We recomend using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4 or higher.

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